Facelift with Dr. Walter Erhardt in Albany, Georgia

A facelift is a popular cosmetic surgery intended to reverse signs of facial aging. A facelift involves tightening the facial and neck muscles and removing excess skin. The end result is a more youthful, healthy, energetic appearance.

If you feel that your face has lost some of its youthful vitality, it may be time to consider a facelift. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Erhardt specializes in a variety of facial rejuvenation procedures.

Benefits of Facelift Surgery

  • Reverses signs of aging in the face and jaw region.
  • Targets loose or sagging skin, deep wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Addresses loss of chin and neck contours.
  • Versatile procedure with many variations that can be tailored to your cosmetic goals.

The best candidates for a face lift will have sagging skin and deep facial wrinkles, but still have good skin quality and some skin elasticity (firmness). There are no age requirements, but the majority of face lift patients are between the ages of 40-70. Your overall health is a more important factor in determining your candidacy than your age.

How Facelift Surgery Works

Your consultation: During your consultation, it's important to be honest and upfront about your medical history, cosmetic expectations and recovery goals. Your consultation will begin with a physical exam, followed by an in-depth discussion of facelift surgery. You will also have the opportunity to view Dr. Erhardt's gallery of before and after patient photos.

Surgery: General anesthetic or intravenous sedation is administered, and an incision is made around the ears that can be extended into the hairline. Through the incisions, the tissue and muscle are repositioned, and excess fat and tissue is removed. Deep layers of tissue are secured in place with internal sutures, and the skin is stretched into place. Once excess skin is trimmed away, the incisions are closed using fine sutures.

Healing time: Ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable recovery is one of Dr. Erhardt's primary goals. When you wake up from surgery, you will experience some discomfort, swelling and bruising. Pain medication will be provided, and you will need to keep your head elevated for the first few days. You should be able to resume normal routines within 5-10 days. More strenuous activities should be restricted for an additional 3-4 weeks.

Expected Results: The final results of your facelift will appear gradually over the course of several weeks as swelling gradually subsides. Following a full recovery, your face should appear firmer, smoother and more alert without looking unnatural. The final results will be long-lasting but not necessarily permanent. Your face will still be subject to the normal aging process. Practicing safe sun habits and abstaining from tobacco will increase the probability of long-lasting results.

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